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Great for the digestion

Whenever I feel a need to assist my digestion, my tummy telling me something, I turn to the lemon and ginger option.

I would like information on how to recycle the silk bags. I worry about them going into landfill

makes a great gift

I love the extra flavour of the jasmine and a friend who introduced me to Green Tea loves it when I can give her a packet

Afternoon favourite

This is my favourite tea to have in the afternoon - usually with a yummy, sweet biscuit.

Camomile 80 Enveloped Tea Bags
Bronwyn W. (Sydney, AU)
Great Taste

I have been buying this Camomile tea for quite some time now. It has a very nice taste and easy to drink, there are no bits in the cup which I really like.

The Best

It’s called PREMIUM tea for good reason…personally I think it’s the best of all the brews with its great depth of flavour. Tried the rest…this is the best!

East meets West

Absolutely love this tea, a little ritual and a must every morning!

Great Australian tea

We love to add a bag of Maduras Australian lemon Myrtle tea to our black tea brew every morning. It gives our brew a real Australian "billy tea" flavour that is very fresh and revitalising. Always our favourite!

Earl Grey 200g Leaf Tea
Marg W. (Brisbane, AU)
Great Brew

Makes a great brew. This is my go-to all-time favourite leaf tea and have been drinking this tea for many years.

Earl Grey 200g Leaf Tea
Sue (Perth, AU)
Beautiful taste

Such beautiful texture and taste in this new batch of earl grey tea leaves. Love my Madura tea

Best teabags on the planet!

I usually use leaf tea for my every day use but , as Madura tea is the very best tea, these teabags are so handy. I carry some of the foil wrapped bags with me wherever I go and have just bought more to leave at my daughter’s house for when I visit.

Organic Black 150g Leaf Tea
Rhon Y. (Sydney, AU)
Best tea anywhere!

Madura Organic Tea is the very best tea. I don’t know why but it has a fuller and deeper flavour than ordinary teas. Leaf tea is always so much better than teabags although I do keep teabags for travelling.

Seven Spice Chai 50 Tea Bags
Cat D.V. (Melbourne, AU)
The best chai in a teabag there is

I just love the taste of this chai; it's got all the right elements nicely balanced, with the added bonus that the teabags make it so easy to make.

English Breakfast 50 Tea Bags
Cat D.V. (Melbourne, AU)
Yum - great tasting tea

Terrific quality tea with the added bonus that the paper tea bags can be chucked straight into the compost bin.

The best English Breakfast tea bag in Australia.

Strong, flavoursome and tasty every single time. This tea bag surpassed anything else you can in Australia!

Madura Farm Mug Black
Louise K. (Sydney, AU)
Back Enamel Mug

Great mug.The size is just right.Goes with my Black Enamel Tea Pot.

Camomile Tea caddy

Excellent storage for tea bags .
Was a gift and was very much appreciated.

Madura Farm Mug White
Michelle M. (Sydney, AU)
Great Cup and new travel companion

I brought this cup to take with me when I travel. It complements my Madura English Breakfast tea. Nice to drink from and packs into my luggage easily.

English Breakfast 50 Tea Bags
Michelle M. (Sydney, AU)
The only tea to drink is Madura

I have been enjoying Madura Tea for 30 years and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Madura English Breakfast Tea for its taste and flavour. When travelling at home or overseas my Madura Tea comes with me. Its nice to support a small local Australian company.

Organic English Breakfast 100 Tea Bags
Monica M. (Melbourne, AU)
lovely tea for traditionalists

dependable tea for that 'real' tea experience

Earl Grey 50 Tea Bags
Monica M. (Melbourne, AU)
earl grey tbags

great for when I don't have a teapot. Great smell and taste

Earl Grey 200g Leaf Tea
Monica M. (Melbourne, AU)
earl gray tea

I love this tea. It is my morning brew. mmmmm....... and I much prefer to buy from an Australian company

Green Tea 175g Leaf Tea
William R. (Brisbane, AU)
A little bit of sunshine

Thank you for the Green Tea leaves. We always start our day with a little bit of sunshine.

Premium Blend 100 Tea Bags
Chris &.P. (Perth, AU)
Excellent Tea

We have subscribed to Madura Premium Blend tea bags for many, many years. It is simply the best on the market for taste, quality and value.

Organic Black Tea 50 Tea Bags
Peter (Sydney, AU)
❤️ this tea.. no

won't have anything but Madura teas been to visit twice when on holidays hove the strength flavour and that it comes from the Tweed Valley

❤️ this tea..

A family favourite with dash of honey to help soothe sore throat and coughs