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Green Tea 50 Tea Bags

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Experience the delicate flavour of our Madura Green Tea, available in tea bags for your convenience. Our tea is a calming blend of high-quality leaves from South Asia, offering a natural source of antioxidants and promoting healthy digestion. Drinking a cup of our green tea daily can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

50 Serves per Packet

Brewing Instructions

Boil fresh, ideally filtered water
Let water cool slightly
250mL hot (80-85°C) water per cup
1 Green Tea bag per cup
(+1 bag if brewing in a pot)
Steep for 3-4 minutes

Enjoyed without milk


Green Tea


Packed with care, by us on our Northern NSW Farm in Australia.

Pack Info

Height: 156 mm
Width: 90 mm
Depth: 61 mm
Unit Barcode: 089978000045
Carton Barcode: 19389978001508
Madura Code: RGTB50A


Store in an airtight container, away from light, odour and moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Margaret C. (Melbourne, AU)
Green tea bags

I LOVE my green tea. Since visiting your home and seeing the processes used to produce the tea bags I am confident in the quality of the tea.

Diane C.

A great pick me up, any time of the day

Pauline G. (Melbourne, AU)

I have been buying this green tea for many years and I haven’t tasted a better one yet. I do take my own green tea when I go visiting, as there are some pretty awful ones out there. I made my dad, who is 101, a cup of this tea today, and he loved it, so I have left him the rest of the box.

Janet C. (Sydney, AU)
Quality Tea

Madura Green Tea is a beautifully flavoured blend. I'ts so easy to drink at any time of the day as it's caffeine free. I love the fact that its grown right here in northern NSW. I've been lucky enough to have a tour of the estate and so contented to know the processes involved in it's production.

Bron O. (Brisbane, AU)
Very refreshing tea

Love this tea. So light and refreshing.

Maree W. (Sydney, AU)


Elena H. (Melbourne, AU)
Extremely tasty tea

Really enjoyed this tea.

Michael V. (Melbourne, AU)
Excellent green tea

If you like a green tea without the added sweetness from jasmine, this is the tea for you. It tastes strong, and it's easy to make a good cup of tea, whether you over-steep it or under-steep it, or accidentally scald it. It's just a solid performer. Definitely best brewed at 80-85°C, but even if you just boil your kettle and use 100° water, it'll taste good.

RMG (Sydney, AU)

Best Green Tea there is

Pressure P. (Melbourne, AU)
Green Tea bags

Delicious tea with beautiful colour and bouquet. So relaxing; the very thing when tasks are stressful.