Jingle More Bells - Madura's putting the 'Tea' in Festivity this Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, across Australia thousands of people are making lists – and checking them twice - with preparations for the annual festivities. There’s holidays to be planned, visitors to be accommodated, decorations to be hung, Christmas Day feasts to be prepared, presents to be wrapped, and stockings to be filled. Christmas means different things to different people, and this is reflected in the way it’s celebrated. For some, the seasonal preparations can be a fun yet frantic time filled with tidings of goodwill to all … for others they can be be exhausting and stressful - the time of year that makes you want to reach for a nice soothing cup of tea! Whichever way you roll, at Madura we’re here to support you in more ways than a relaxing cuppa. Because when you invite Madura Tea to the party, your Christmas will get a whole lot easier, a whole lot tastier and a whole lot healthier … and just maybe…a little less stressful.

Tea, the gift that keeps on giving…

Tea is your perpetual best friend – it warms you in winter, keeps you refreshed and hydrated in summer, helps ward off seasonal bugs, comforts you when you’re feeling flat, and nurtures your wellbeing. A good brew is like a trusted and reliable friend - it won’t let you down when you need it the most!

Try these tea-inspired Christmas hacks, and let Madura put the ‘tea’ in festivity.

Christmas Dinner: With so many nationalities and cultures sharing in the festive fun, contemporary Christmas feasts are as diverse as the families that gather around the table. With tea being the world’s most popular and healthy beverage, why not bring a little tea-inspired flavour to your Christmas menu? With our range of over twenty blends and herbal infusions, Madura is your pantry partner when it comes to deliciously unique Christmas fare. Use chamomile to infuse pot-roasted chicken, or to give your pavlova an exotic twist. Green tea ice-cream and sorbet make deliciously cooling desserts. Take your chocolate truffles to the next level with a hit of lemon myrtle or peppermint tea, or look to reliable traditionalist, Earl Grey, for tasty sweet treats such as our Iced Lemon Cake, or to add a delicate smokiness to your meats. Christmas Drinks: Tea is your Christmas hero when it comes to drinks! Fuse festive cocktails with Madura tea for a traditional flavour or modern twist (alcohol always optional): Chai hot toddies, Tea-infused fruit based punches, or refreshing flavour bursts like our Green Tea With Apple Mojito – delish! Iced Tea is the perfect post-Christmas afternoon pick-me-up. A tall glass of chilled iced tea is refreshing and cleansing, and can help digest any over-indulgence at lunch! Quick, easy, and economical with an endless combination of flavours, simply grab your favourite Madura blend, and add some ice, muddle a little fruit, or herbs and voila. Try our Peppermint & Peach combination, or our Green & Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea. And of course, there’s nothing more versatile than the humble cup of tea when it comes to entertaining. When friends, family, and neighbours drop in, put the kettle on, reach for the Madura, and settle in for a good chat filled. Christmas is all about spending quality time with those that mean the most, so it make sense to go for a quality pure tea. Christmas Gifts: Tea makes the ideal gift for everyone on your list. And when you give the gift of Madura tea, you’re not only giving the indulgence of pure, premium leaves, you’re also giving the gift of relaxation, health and wellness. Looking for Christmas presents handmade with love? Baked goodies are always well-received. Try our delicious Carrot Cake, our Chai-infused Banana and Blueberry Loaf, or whip up a batch of English Breakfast Tea Biscuits. For an effective and environmentally friendly way to wrap your treats, use a Christmas tea towel. You can pick them up inexpensively from many retail stores. Tea towels make an attractive, practical and reusable addition to your gift. For further tea gift inspiration, check out Madura’s online store. You’ll find gift ideas and stocking fillers to please everyone from family and friends, to neighbours, co-workers, or simply someone you want to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to, including:
  • Eco friendly wooden Tea Boxes
  • Loose Leaf and Bagged Tea
  • Personalised Tea Caddies
  • Christmas Tea caddys
  • Tea Gift Hampers
  • Chocolate-coated Macadamias
  • Teaware and Accessories
  • Organic Blends
  • Market Bags

While there’s no doubt Christmas can be a busy time of the year, when you start and end your day with Madura, you’re getting more than just health, taste, and wellness.

Steep, sip and be merry!

Jingle More Bells - Madura's putting the 'Tea' in Festivity this Christmas! - Madura Tea
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