Tea For Health & Fitness

It is a staple of tea-drinking cultures and the health-conscious around the world, making it the second most consumed liquid on the planet after water. But what are the benefits of tea for health & fitness? Naturally low in sugar and calories, tea has a great many health benefits. Its antioxidants, hydration, recovery, and detox abilities are well documented. Health & fitness devotees of all ages know the benefits of drinking tea and using different styles and flavours of tea throughout the day to promote overall wellbeing and good health. Once you start discovering tea it often becomes more than a healthy choice, and more like an enjoyable part of your day (and diet).

Tea is the perfect companion to a health-conscious lifestyle

As part of a holistic wellbeing and health-conscious focus, tea is a terrific companion to any time of the day or evening and can be useful in times of stress or illness. Get started with advice on using tea for good health and wellness in our Health Tips

It’s comparatively simple

There are benefits to choosing a type of tea to drink to the time of day or to assist with your fitness goals, and a great many reasons to be aware of the types of tea available. Green Tea is packed with antioxidants and good for the complexion. In populations where green tea is used frequently, the incidence of cancer tends to be noticeably lower. If you want to maximise the antioxidants in your daily green tea try adding a squeeze of lemon. Not only will it turn your tea a lovely golden colour, it will help to bring out the catechins in the tea, which are its antioxidant power source. Black Tea, on the other hand, has elevated levels of amino acid, which may strengthen the immune system. Madura Peppermint refreshes the palate and is the perfect pick-me-up. This crisp, invigorating herbal infusion is ideal in the mornings or after exercise. If it’s Madura tea, it’s clean and we do not use preservatives. Just as we attach a great deal of importance to the quality of what we put into our bodies, the source of our produce has never been more in the spotlight and rightly so. People want to know more about how their foods are grown and processed. You can find out what’s in your Madura pack as part of Our Story and Our Brews.

Enjoy a cleansing feeling

With the warmer months fast approaching it’s great to slough off the heavy accoutrements of winter, as nice and snuggly and moreish as they may be, and feel good about welcoming back brightness and sunshine. Start by replacing some of those heavy coffees with tea or detox with tea and get an all-over boost to your wellbeing.

Madura blends a diverse variety of teas that can be beneficial to health & fitness. To see our full range of teas and herbal infusions visit our Madura online shop


Madura Tea is a multi-award-winning Australian-owned and operated producer of over twenty quality blends of premium pure tea. Look for Madura Teas on the supermarket shelf or buy Madura online

Tea For Health & Fitness - Madura Tea
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