How Tea Helps Training

Tea-hydration and training

If you have a fitness regime, you probably already know the role tea can play in your overall health. However - if you’re just getting started, here’s how to fit tea into your workout.

Can I use tea for rehydration?

Actually, tea might be the best way to quench your thirst. It takes less tea than water to do so. A clean green tea will also have a positive effect on your blood vessels, while black tea, which is more caffeinated, can be used to boost energy before working out or re-energising afterwards. Tea definitely counts towards your daily intake of 8 cups of fluid. You’d have to drink a LOT of tea for it to produce a diuretic effect – about six or seven cups in a sitting.

Does Green Tea have long-term benefits?

As well as containing antioxidants, it has been suggested that green tea plays an important part in disease prevention, particularly cardiovascular disease. The polyphenols and catechins in green tea can increase resting metabolism and stimulate fat burning. Polyphenols have a positive effect on a number of different parts of the body. In the gut, they can increase the amount of healthy bacteria, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains. If you weren’t lucky enough to avert one of the worse years for influenza in Australia, you might find it interesting to know that green tea is also a rich source of quercetin, which has been found to give an immunity boost to individuals under stress. We often put our bodies under a lot of emotional and physical stress in our exercise programs and work - green tea to the rescue!

Could Green Tea assist long-term weight loss?

One study suggests it could! After helping a study group of people to lose weight, researchers in Holland gave half the group a capsule of green tea and the other half a placebo to be taken every day. People in the green tea group continued to lose weight while those in the placebo group regained the weight they had lost.

There are fewer temptations to calorie-load tea

While coffee is a popular choice for many Australians, we often load it with milk or cream, and sugar or sugar-based flavours - a large flat white coffee with full cream milk comes in at over 200 calories! Try replacing some of these with calorie-free herbal teas and you’ll be doing a lot towards maintaining your health and fitness.

Summer fit, inside and out

Gut health. Good health. Make tea part of your year-round fitness and freshness routine and you’ll be benefiting both. Madura blends a diverse variety of herbal teas and green tea that can be beneficial to training. For a full list visit our Madura online shop Madura Tea is a multi-award-winning Australian-owned and operated producer of over twenty quality blends of premium pure tea. Look for Madura Teas on the supermarket shelf or buy Madura online
How Tea Helps Training - Madura Tea
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