How Tea Helps Women

And no we did not just make this up!

We’re not surprised to hear that tea, once again, has found itself the superstar of health, longevity and wellbeing. The healthiest beverage on the planet packs a powerful punch when it comes to everything from heart health, to cancer prevention, through to digestive, immune, and brain support. And that’s not to mention the emotional and physiological benefits of a daily cuppa! The latest good news for women everywhere comes from researchers at the University of Western Australia, with a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Their findings indicate women who drink an average of two cups of tea per day live longer than those who aren’t tea drinkers. Researchers monitored the health of more than 1000 women in their seventies and eighties, tracking their diets and consumption of tea and coffee. They found that of the 88% of women still alive at the end of the study, the women who drank tea were more than 40% more likely to live longer due to the prevalence of flavonoids in tea, a powerful plant-based antioxidant. If that’s not a good reason to reach for the kettle, we don’t know what is! Women: Live longer, live stronger – the world needs you. Let’s face it. Women, with their multi-faceted roles in life, need the extra years! While gender equity is making progress and men are stepping into roles once purely regarded as ‘women’s work’, traditional female roles still abound. Today’s extraordinary women are miracle workers, balancing busy schedules that are not for the faint hearted. Daily, women juggle the collective mantle of career-maker, mother, partner, breadwinner, carer, educator, homemaker, driver, cook, cleaner, and student. So many people rely on women every day, it’s almost as if the tea gods knew they’d need a few extra years to leave their legacy (and hopefully to relax)! Now we know that while women may not be immortal, the evidence is there to show they can at least extend their lives to maximum capacity … that’s got to be a win for humanity, and a win for our planet. Two cups of tea per day; that’s the Madura way According to the findings, a minimum of two cups of tea per day is the magic number for increasing your life expectancy. Whether you start and end your day with tea, or drink several cups throughout the day, reach for the purest, cleanest tea, packed with flavour and premium quality. Try Madura’s multi-award-winning Premium Blend Black Tea, it’s a great all-rounder with a timeless taste and aroma you’ll savour with every pour. Madura’s range of teas are charismatic, versatile and adaptable. They can be gentle and subtle when required, or strong, powerful and as robust as the need demands. They can be full-bodied or light-bodied, innovative, fresh, and inspiring. They can calm or reinvigorate within minutes, and are consistently dependableDoesn’t that sound just like a woman?  

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How Tea Helps Women - Madura Tea
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