It’s all About Sharing the Moment!

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  Mother’s Day is just around the corner. On Sunday 12 May, sons and daughters all across Australia will be reaching for the kettle as they celebrate their very different mums in very different ways. At Madura, we’re all about the simple things in life and when it comes to sharing special moments, it doesn’t get much simpler than a cuppa and a chat to bring children and their mothers together. Motherhood – Embracing our beautiful differences If we’re not a mum ourselves, we’ve got a mum. Throughout the ages, we’ve always known that mothers have the ability to wear many different hats; but today’s mums also travel very different journeys. Mothers today can be anything. They’re full time workers, entrepreneurs, shift workers, students, or stay at home carers. They’re teenaged through to mature-aged women earning their tiger stripes with every new phase and challenge motherhood brings. Today’s mothers could be married or single, or widowed; straight or gay. They could be breast feeding, or bottle feeding. They might be artists, or writers, or sportspeople, or emergency service responders. Perhaps they’re battling cancer, or mental health issues, or are survivor mums raising awareness for causes close to their heart. The path of motherhood is as individual and important as the woman who bears the title, but no matter which path a mum treads, there’s one thing they all have in common. They’ll all experience the same joys, heartbreak, triumphs, anxieties, obstacles, frustrations, and selfless acts of love that motherhood brings – it goes with the territory! Whatever your ‘mum story’ is, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating individuality and expressing gratitude… Who will you share the moment with this Mother’s Day? Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be a commercial occasion, elaborate lunch, or expensive gift. If you ask most mums, they’ll say the thing they cherish more than anything is quality time with their family – especially for those whose children have left home. Some families are fortunate enough to have several generations to share the moment with – daughter, mother, and grandmother…perhaps even a great grandmother. Sharing stories and memories, family history, and new endeavours and milestones is what keeps the fabric of family strong. The gift of time is priceless, and it is these special moments that we’ll recall with a nostalgic smile tomorrow, or 10 years from now … Madura – Putting the “tea” in High Tea this Mother’s Day If you’re looking for a way to make ‘sharing the moment’ a little bit fancier this Mother’s Day, why not recreate your own high tea experience at home? You already know we like to keep it real, so don’t stress if you can’t pull off a full traditional British affair. Simply tap into the individuality we talked about earlier, and do things your way! When you invite Madura to the table, you already know you’re pouring Australia’s premium quality award-winning tea, so all it takes is the addition of a few sweet and savoury morsels and you’ve got yourself a high tea! If you want to go all out, try your local op shop for some great low-cost vintage serving platters, chinaware, and linen napkins. When it comes to the hero of every high tea – the tea! – we recommend our award winning Premium Blend or try our Earl Grey both are perfect for this occasion. Earl Grey is a sophisticated fellow, and guaranteed to keep cups, and conversation in full flow. Madura’s also got your back when it comes to the edible components of your high tea. You’ll find some great tea-inspired recipes on our website, including these dainty little Mini Blueberry Tarts, and Chai Infused Banana Loaf or these simple yet delicious English Breakfast Tea Biscuits. Yum! However you decide to ‘share the moment’ this Mother’s Day, we hope it’s a day of love and laughter. Madura wishes every mother, everywhere, a very happy Mother’s Day. We raise our tea cups to you all!
It’s all About Sharing the Moment! - Madura Tea
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