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Premium Blend 200g Leaf Tea Refill Pouch

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Stock up on your favourite blend with our 200g refill pouch. Made from the same finest quality selection as our other products, this pouch provides the convenience of refilling your tea caddy.

80 Serves per Refill Pouch

Brewing Instructions

Boil fresh, ideally filtered water
250mL hot (95-100°C) water per cup
1 tsp Premium Blend per cup
+1 tsp for the pot
Steep for 5-6 minutes


Black Tea


Packed with care, by us on our Northern NSW Farm in Australia.

Pack Info

Height: 156 mm
Width: 90 mm
Depth: 61 mm
Unit Barcode: 9389978003772
Carton Barcode: 19389978005803
Madura Code: FPBL200


Store in an airtight container, away from light, odour and moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 216 reviews
Melissa T. (Galston, AU)
Premium quality tea, Australian and commitment to the environment what more could you want!

I've been buying Madura Premium tea for years, I cant drink anything else now (I mean I do when I have to but not by choice) I've just launched 5 Short Term Rentals and I only use Madura leaf tea in them as well, people really appreciate it and have asked what brand it is so my guests all love it as well. That's when I started buying online rather from just the supermarket as I needed to get it in bulk. The pyramid tea bags are environmental friendly so I would recommend those to you if you want the convenience of a bag.

Christine S. (Sydney, AU)
Brewing a Pot of Tea

I have used Madura tea leaves for many, many years and will continue to enjoy the deep flavour of brewing a pot of tea. My visitors look forward to cuppas at my place because of the flavour and the process off using leaves.

Catherine G. (Sydney, AU)
Best Tea

Lovely robust tea. You don’t need to use a lot to achieve a nice strong, flavourful cuppa! Most leaf teas are quite wishy washy but this is not. Highly recommended.

T M. (Torquay, AU)
Lovely everyday brew

A lovely loose leaf tea for any time in the day, and especially that first cup in the morning! It is great to be able to purchase it online, to be able to plan ahead and always have it on hand.

Ewen M. (Melbourne, AU)
The best cup of tea

We buy refill pouches to restock our Madura Tea Caddy. Good price, but just the best tea. We use a silver tea pot - the best way to start the day. Cheers Ewen

Karen A. (Adelaide, AU)
On the veranda

My Premium blend Madura is delivered.
2 teaspoons in the warmed blue and yellow teapot. Wait awhile (it’ll be worth it) then pour. With friends, drinking tea on the veranda, there is love, there is hope.

RuthK (Brisbane, AU)
Madura Loose Leaf Tea

I've been drinking this blend of Madura tea for years and never tire of the taste. It's full bodied and strong. A perfect blend black or with milk. If I don't have Madura tea every morning I might as well stay in bed :)

Tina B. (Salt Ash, AU)
The only Tea I will drink!

The Madura Australian grown tea is the tea I drink every day. I would use a 200g packet each week. I love to visit the plantation every time I'm on the NSW North Coast. Wonderful tasting tea and also very useful products!

Edward J. (Brisbane, AU)
love it

Only tea I will drink.

Sue T. (Melbourne, AU)
delicious premium blend

A smooth, full bodied flavour - not too strong and not too weak. Makes the perfect cup of tea all day, every day