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Mystery Gift 1

🍵 Brew-tiful Tea Surprises Await! 🌟

You have just elevated your tea game to a whole new level of delight and have bagged yourself a Madura Mystery Gift!

We won’t be spilling the beans, cough cough, “Leaves” here but something a little special will be on the way when you check out!

We hope you enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Susan H. (Perth, AU)
Lemon myrtle

Lemon myrtle is my favorite tea, hot or cold

Jules (Singapore, SG)
Thoughtful gift

Thank you for this lovely surprise, am looking forward to test this.

Martin S. (Brisbane, AU)
Green Tea and Lemon Myrtle

Nice tea, brings together the two flavours very well
I gave it a 4 star only because you did not have a "suggested how to prepare", and I tried it without milk and it was nice, then added milk and it was not nice at all!
I suppose it needs testing with and without sugar or honey etc.
But some suggestions would be good, such as a slice of lemon??

EVA (Adelaide, AU)
Green tea and mint

Support local products as the quality is assured. This tea
is a beautiful blend of flavours and is very refreshing.

Pat S. (Sydney, AU)
Mystery Gift 1 Lovely surprise!

I'm sure that the lovely gift of tea was chosen in line with what I've ordered in the past. How thoughtful! I intend to bundle it with my Christmas gifts. Thank you!

Anthony G. (Sydney, AU)
Interesting blend

Never had lemon myrtle and peppermint together and it's a nice blend

Glenn C. (Melbourne, AU)
Welcome Gift.

We are leaf tea and teapot tea drinkers but it was nice to receive the surprise tea bag gift as it gives us the opportunity to try other Madura tea blends that we do not normally purchase.

Shirley M. (Brisbane, AU)

We both enjoyed our lovely free gifts was a lovely surprise with our usual order !
As usual delivered promptly.
Thank you .

Samuel B. (Melbourne, AU)
What a great surprise!

Thanks for the gift Madura!! We are enjoying both items added in very much. :)