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Large Market Bag

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Ditch plastic for these functional and durable Madura market bags. Made from sturdy waxed canvas, these rugged market bags have a clever secret feature: an internal pocket keeping your essentials—wallet, keys, phone from getting lost among the greens! It easily doubles as a picnic or beach bag or simply just a carry bag for your favourite book and tea thermos. So sling it over your shoulder, head to your nearest beach, park or local market and purchase the season’s freshest flowers, newspaper, groceries or a fresh baguette! You can help rid the planet of unnecessary plastic waste and look (really) good doing it. Happy shopping!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cathy P.
Large Market Bag

I love these bags & always take them with me when shopping. These large bags cannot be bought in supermarkets & are great when buying large bulky items. They have pocket inside perfect for dropping small items that u don't want to loose. They have comfortable handles for carrying. I just bought more as I had to cart a large gift & the person receiving gift also asked if bag came with it as they loved the size.

Yvonne N. (Sydney, AU)
BIG bag.

This bag is much bigger than I expected. Maybe it should be called Extra Large Market Bag. Very nice.

Penny (Sydney, AU)
Strong and useful.

I bought this one for my daughter as I already have one large and one small, and find them very useful.

ALISON B. (Brisbane, AU)
Large market bags

I love these strong sturdy bags, I always have a few I my car for convenience. They hold so much including groceries and are still so easy to carry, handles never break. I am always asked how can I get some of those bags by the check-out operators, so I always say Madura and tell them how good they are and also how cheap they are too.I have had some of mine ever since they came out and they are still as good as new but also so well used.

Margo J. (Sydney, AU)
Best shopping bags ever!

These bags are durable and hold so many groceries. The only downside is that mine keep getting pinched by family and friends because they see how awesome they are when I’m using them, so I’m always having to restock mine! Love love love them.

Narelle W. (Brisbane, AU)

Love this bag. As a teacher it Carrie’s folders and books easily and it is very sturdy. Plus, it’s very quirky!

Lyn (Sydney, AU)
Large market bag

Fantastic shopping bag. It has an extra pocket for phone, wallet etc.