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Green Tea & Jasmine 80 Enveloped Tea Bags

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Experience the delicate blend of green teas and fragrant jasmine flowers with every sip of our naturally flavoured Green Tea & Jasmine. A popular choice among tea drinkers, this refreshing tea can be enjoyed any time of day, promoting relaxation and enjoyment. Treat yourself to a moment of serenity with this exquisite blend.

80 Serves per Packet

Brewing Instructions

Boil fresh, ideally filtered water
Let water cool slightly
250mL hot (80-85°C) water per cup
1 Green Tea & Jasmine bag per cup
(+1 bag if brewing in a pot)
Steep for 3-4 minutes

Enjoyed without milk


Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers


Packed with care, by us on our Northern NSW Farm in Australia.

Pack Info

Height: 156 mm
Width: 90 mm
Depth: 120 mm
Unit Barcode: 9389978004588
Carton Barcode: 19389978007364
Madura Code: FGJE80


Store in an airtight container, away from light, odour and moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Annamary (Melbourne, AU)
The Best

I have been drinking green tea with jasmine for over 20 years. I have tried other brands but I found Madura the one that appeals the most. The subtle aroma of the jasmine takes the bitterness away from the green tea. It is a tea I enjoy drinking all day and evening. A number of my family members have also declared this tea to be their favourite brew. Thanks Madura keep it coming

Kym F. (Adelaide, AU)
Green Tea with jasmine

After being gifted a bonus box of this tea, I was hooked and have been enjoying this tea since then

Vivienne B. (Brisbane, AU)
Great way to start the day

Madura Green Tea & Jasmine provides a fresh, caffeine free, start to the day.

Pauline H. (Sydney, AU)
Madura Green Tea and Jasmine

This is the second best flavoured green tea and jasmine that I have come across. It is only outclassed by the dragons pearls green tea and jasmine that Madura as also stocks. It is my favourite “pick me up” for any time of the day when I need a lift. Unlike other brands it does not get bitter if brewed for a while.

Gillian C. (Brisbane, AU)
Refreshing Tea

Refreshing cup of tea. I drink several cups of Madura Green Tea & Jasmine during the day. I can't find this tea in the supermarket so I order online.

Adrian G. (Perth, AU)
Class on it own

This is my 2nd most love tea in the world, it’s just perfect, I have Jasmine growing in my yard, my neighbour grows it so it’s just a beautiful scented creeper, I alway make sure this tea is in my house for me and any family and friends that may visit? A class on its own

Janette B. (Sydney, AU)
The Aroma of Relaxation

Breathing in the delectable aroma of Jasmine, whilst appreciating the 'honeyed' colour of my favourite evening beverage, Green Tea and Jasmine , helps me to relax and unwind.

Dianne W. (Melbourne, AU)
Green & Jasmine

Every morning I start the day with Madura Green Tea with Jasmine. It is the most amazing tea. There are no other brands to compare. I love, love, love my Green Tea with Jasmine 🥰

Dave A. (Brisbane, AU)
Green Tea with Jasmine

Love this product, excellent when you need a refreshing beverage. So easily ordered online with prompt delivery., we can keep our supply up when touring.

Lisa R. (Melbourne, AU)
Every day

My favourite