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Whole Flowers of Camomile 100g Leaf Tea

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Enjoy the soothing and restorative benefits of our classic camomile tea, comprised of white and yellow flower buds that are perfect to consume before sleep or for a quiet escape during a busy day.

56 Serves per Packet

Brewing Instructions

Boil fresh, ideally filtered water
250mL hot (95-100°C) water per cup
1 tsp Camomile per cup
+1 tsp for the pot
Steep for 4-5 minutes

Enjoyed without milk




Packed with care, by us on our Northern NSW Farm in Australia.

Pack Info

Height: 156 mm
Width: 181 mm
Depth: 61 mm
Unit Barcode: 9389978004373
Carton Barcode: 19389978007159
Madura Code: RFCL100A


Store in an airtight container, away from light, odour and moisture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Melinda S.

Flavoursome beverage, perfect for before bedtime.

L S. (Perth, AU)
daily necessity

I have been drinking Madura Chamomile for years, I love the taste and it is a great bedtime routine for my husband and I, to settle digestion and aid sleep. I prefer the taste of this brand to others.

Linda C. (Melbourne, AU)
Beautiful Tea

Thank you!

P L. (Melbourne, AU)
The very Best Tea for me

I love this brand of Camomile tea. It it is the very best tea for a goodnights rest.

Anne (Perth, AU)
Have a nice cupp

All good. Brought a good amount. Should last a while. Thank you.

Melanie W. (Brisbane, AU)
flowers of camomile

friends love this tea on its own but I like to add it to others and make a mix

Lisa P. (Sydney, AU)
Great gift.

Daughters love to have camomile tea with their peppermint tea at night so this makes a nice gift every time I visit. They live it.

Adrian G. (Perth, AU)
New to it

This the first time I’ve tried the camomile tea. It is refreshing but still getting used to it! ( I love to smell the tea bag before the hot water is added, to give all my sensors a rev-up and this has benefited my thoughts on this tea! It’s growing on me.

Annette P. (Sydney, AU)
Flowers of Camomile Leaf Tea.

This is a specially pleasant tasting Camomile Tea. Very good to drink in the evening or before sleep.
I like the loose leaf variety as you can add as much or as little to your brew using a tea infuser.

Julie A. (Hobart, AU)
Camomile Tea

My go to cuppa for calming moments.