Our Sustainable Approach To Growing Tea

Committing to Change

From climate change to recyclability, to health and wellness, through to ethical sourcing and supply chains, we believe we need to hold up a mirror of our core values and principles. Since planting Madura's first tea plant in 1978, our mission has always been to create award-winning tea driven by innovation and creativity, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

What Are We Doing?

  • As part of our environmental and sustainability commitments, we have now transitioned to a 100% natural plant-based teabag paper made from fully sustainable and renewable natural fibres.
  • We only use recycled cardboard for our packaging and shipping cartons and FSC-certified paper for other uses in our production cycle.
  • We use vegetable-based inks where possible, and our teas are independently tested in Australia to ensure they contain no harmful chemical and bacterial residues.
  • Our tea bushes cohabit with the vast array of native rainforest trees and shrubs. We have equally planted many more trees and shrubs to preserve the watercourses and protect the fauna and flora - we have created a significant carbon sink for generations to come.
  • We power much of our energy needs naturally through our onsite 99kw solar system. Excess power (approximately 32% of the electricity generated) is fed back into the grid so that our broader community can enjoy the benefits of green energy – reducing carbon emissions.
  • We draw our water from onsite water storage and naturally harvested rainwater.
  • No pesticides are used on our plantation tea leaves, helping keep the soil as pure as the taste of our tea.
Without a healthy planet, Madura Tea would simply not exist, and that is why we are committed to sustainability on a holistic level. Our world needs companies driven by their bottom line and the positive ethical, environmental practices and sustainability.

Every good story begins with a great cup of tea – we welcome you to put the kettle on and join us on our journey…

Our adventure started in the lush green hills of Clothiers Creek, North of Byron Bay. As an award-winning family-owned farm, we are committed to remaining 100% Australian owned and operated – after all, our community and employees are the backbones of our business. With 20 blends to choose from, our goal remains simple: Create pure and best-tasting brews!

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