What Are Our Tea Bags Made From?

We are extremely excited to announce in July 2021 we transitioned to 100% natural plant-based PLA tea bag paper and tea bag componentry. The fully sustainable and renewable fibres are made from a selected blend of high-quality Manila hemp, cellulose and biopolymer made from natural plant material. Our commitment has always been to move to a 100% natural product and this transition has been three years in the making. The transition occurred on across all our 50’s & 100’s tea bag packets, as well as our 20’s & 80’s enveloped tea bag packets.


The Leaf Infuser (pyramid) teabags we produce for all our pyramid products, have for a long time been made exclusively from 100% natural plant-based PLA tea bag paper, and not only do they not emit plastic microparticles or nanoparticles, and they are compostable. We do however recommend that you place these teabags out in your green bin as they break down best under commercial waste conditions.

 Other exciting improvements to our products are:

In July 2021, we transitioned from using the poly-laminate foil to a plant-based paper overwrap, made from fully sustainable and compostable fibres. It was necessary to reduce the shelf life of our products from three years to eighteen months to achieve the transition, but it is also one we are very proud to have made.


Since the planting of Madura's very first tea plant back in 1978, our mission has always been to create award-winning tea driven with an onus on environmental sustainability. We have introduced the new plant-based tea bag paper and paper overwrap to ensure that we are continually remaining at the forefront of environmental standards.

I hope this helps you understand a little more about our products.

Thanks for your ongoing support of Madura Tea – Our 100% Australian owned and operated family business located in Northern NSW.

What Are Our Tea Bags Made From? - Madura Tea
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