Does Madura sell decaffeinated tea?

Though our teas are naturally low in caffeine, we do not as such have a specific decaffeinated brew. We choose not to artificially de-caffeinate - to do so would entail the use of harsh chemicals to strip the caffeine from the tea. We do though, have an old age Madura trick that will reduce most of the caffeine content. Place a small amount of prepared boiled water (approx. 3cms) in your favourite cup and gently place a tea bag in the boiled water. Steep for no more than 20 seconds. Gently remove the teabag and discard the water. Place the tea bag back into another cup of freshly boiled water and allow for your normal brewing time. The majority of the caffeine, which is highly soluble will be in the first discarded cup, but note that this process can change the full flavour that you may prefer.
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