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Madura Tea Estate was born from a combination of passion, family, pioneering, personality, and place. When you’ve been part of Australia’s tea history for over forty years, one could say we have had a lot of time to perfect our craftsmanship, business principles, and the way we conduct operations and resources to ensure we are continually meeting commitments to our environment… all while producing Australia’s award-winning brews. We remain 100% Australian owned-and-operated and committed to adopting sustainable practices and proactively trialling new products. We equally want to inspire our customers to also make healthy choices for not just themselves, but the environment we live in. It is for this very reason that we too continue to invest in innovative, socially responsible and positive practices – this is our commitment - healthy choices for mind, body, soul and the environment we live in … for today and every day. If you would like to keep updated about all things tea-related and learn more about Madura, we welcome you to explore our extensive range and discover first hand why we are an award-winning tea estate. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or become a Brew Club member and earn loyalty points - receiving updates on sale alerts, recipes and seasonal information.

Madura Tea: extraordinary brews for extraordinary people – with an everyday attitude!

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