How to Use the Brew Club

Brew Club Refresh

As of September 1, 2022, we've revamped the Brew Club. If you joined before then, you need to create a new account using your existing email address to continue earning and spending points. We're certain you'll love the new features!

Worried about your points? Rest easy. Your points are secure. They've been transferred to your new account, and any points expired since 2021 are back. Plus, points for any orders you've placed since the revamp have been accumulating and will be available once you create your new account. Best of all, points no longer expire!

Exciting news - now there are more ways to earn points! In addition to points for signups and purchases, you can earn points for celebrating your birthday, sharing on Facebook, following us on Instagram, and writing a product review. More ways to earn means more rewards for you!

How to Join 

Create an Account

Joining the Brew Club begins with creating your personal Madura Tea account. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Brew Club Panel: Look for the Brew Club icon, typically found in the lower-left corner of any page on the Madura Tea website, except the checkout and contact page. Click this icon to open the Brew Club Panel.

    Brew Club icon
  2. Navigate to Account Creation: In the Brew Club panel, you'll find a 'Join now' button. Click this button to be taken to the Create Brew Club Account page.

    The Brew Club Panel
  3. Fill in Your Details: Enter your first name, last name, email, and password in the appropriate fields. Make sure to use a valid email address where you can receive communications from Madura Tea.

    Create Brew Club account
  4. Create Your Account: Once you've filled in your details, click the 'Create' button to submit your information and create your account.

As soon as your account is created, you'll receive 250 points as a welcome gift, and you'll be automatically logged in. You'll also receive a confirmation email that your account has been activated.

If you have any issues creating your account, please contact our support team for assistance.

Access the Brew Club

Interacting with the Brew Club is easy and intuitive thanks to the Brew Club panel. This panel is your hub for all Brew Club activities and is accessible from almost every page on the Madura Tea website.

  1. Locate the Brew Club Icon: Look for the Brew Club icon on the lower-left corner of the webpage. This icon is present on all pages except the checkout and contact pages.

    Brew Club Icon
  2. Sign In: Click on the Brew Club icon to open the Brew Club panel. From here, you can sign in to your existing account or start the process to join the Brew Club.

    Brew Club Join Now or Sign In

Throughout your shopping journey, the Brew Club panel and pop-ups will provide useful information and options:

  • Cart Page: When you visit your cart, a pop-up will display your current points and a 'View available rewards' button. Click this button to see the rewards you can redeem with your points and apply the reward to your checkout.

    Review available rewards
  • Redeemed Rewards: If you have redeemed a reward but haven't used it yet, a pop-up in your cart will show a 'View reward' button. Click this button to see your reward in the Brew Club panel and apply it to your checkout.

    View reward
  • After Checkout: Once you've completed your purchase and arrived at the thank you page, a pop-up will invite you to share Madura Tea with your friends. Click the 'View sharing options' button to open the referral section in the Brew Club panel.

    View sharing options

By using the Brew Club panel and pop-ups, you can seamlessly earn points, redeem rewards, and refer friends while enjoying your Madura Tea shopping experience.

Earning Points

As a member of the Brew Club, there are numerous ways for you to accumulate points. Every activity you undertake—from making purchases and celebrating your birthday to engaging with us on social media and writing product reviews—can bring you closer to our fantastic rewards.

Simply access the Brew Club panel and click on 'Ways to earn' to access your earning options.

Brew Club Panel - Ways to Earn

Ways to earn

  1. Join the Brew Club: Whether you're a new or existing member, sign up after September 1, 2022, to receive bonus points. For our existing members, simply create a new account to continue your point journey. The rewards start rolling in when you reach 500 points.

    Signup = 250

    Join us in the Brew Club and earn an instant 250-point welcome bonus.

  2. Place an Order: Every purchase, excluding shipping and after discounts, earns you points. This applies to all customers, new, returning, or even non-members! Once you sign up, all your accrued points will become active. Savour your favourite teas and watch your rewards grow!

    Spend $1 = earn 10 points

    Turn your love for tea into points - earn 10 for every dollar you spend.

  3. Celebrate your Birthday: Simply enter your birth month and day via the 'Celebrate a Birthday' section of the 'Ways to earn' panel. On your birthday, your account is credited with 500 points!

    Birthday = 500

    Birthdays are more special with a 500-point gift from us.

  4. Share on Facebook: Share a post or link about us on Facebook. Find the 'Share on Facebook' action in the 'Ways to earn' panel and follow the prompts. It's socialising with benefits!

    Share on Facebook = earn 250 points

    Spread your love for Madura Tea on Facebook and earn 250 points.

  5. Follow on Instagram: Follow us on Instagram via the 'Follow on Instagram' action in the 'Ways to earn' panel. Your points will automatically be added once you follow the steps.

    Follow on Instagram = earn 250 points

    Join our Instagram community and bag 250 points.

  6. Write a Product Review: After your purchase, write a product review and receive 100 points. Your feedback is valuable to us, and it earns you points too! Keep a lookout in your inbox for your review invitation.

    Write a product review = earn 100 points

    Share your thoughts about our products and earn 100 points for a review.

Redeeming Points

Madura's Brew Club simplifies the process of turning your loyalty points into discount coupons. With each online purchase, you accumulate points that you can exchange for substantial discounts, making your healthy tea habit even more rewarding.

Here's a glance at the rewards:

Redeem 500 points

Redeem 500 points for a $5 coupon.

Redeem 1000 points

Redeem 1000 points for a $10 coupon.

Redeem 2000 points

Redeem 2000 points for a $20 coupon.

To use your points

  1. Sign in to your Brew Club account to view your point balance and see the largest reward you can redeem.

    Brew Club Panel - Signed In Reward
  2. Choose your reward once you've gathered enough points. Either click on the Redeem button for your highest reward or select 'Ways to redeem' to see all your available rewards. Get your discount coupon by clicking on Redeem.

    Brew Club Panel - Redeem a reward
  3. Apply the discount code at checkout to enjoy your savings. Click on 'Apply code' or copy the code and put it in the discount box at checkout.

    Brew Club Panel - Apply discount coupon code

Every sip of Madura tea brings you closer to your next reward. Happy brewing!​

Join Our Exciting Referral Program!

Boost your Brew Club points and spread the love for Madura Tea by sharing your unique referral code! It's a win-win for you and your friends.

Here's a quick overview of the referral rewards:

$5 discount for friend

Your friends get a $5 discount on their first purchase.

500 points for you

You earn 500 Brew Club points when your friend makes their first purchase.

How to Start Referring Friends:

  1. Go to the Brew Club panel: Locate and click the 'Refer your friends' link towards the bottom of the panel.

    Brew Club Panel - Refer your friends
  2. Get ready to send an email: Click on the Email icon at the bottom-right of the panel.

    Brew Club Panel - prepare email send
  3. Compose your email: Enter one or multiple email addresses (separated by commas) to share with more than one friend. Optionally, add a personal message. Click 'Send email' and your friends will receive your unique discount link.

    Brew Club Panel - Share referral link via email
  4. Or, share your link anywhere: Click on the copy button next to your referral link and paste it wherever you'd like to share it.

    Brew Club Panel - Share referral link anywhere

Remember, every friend you refer brings you one step closer to your next Madura Tea delight while giving your friends a fantastic introduction to the world of premium teas. Start sharing today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How can I redeem my points in the Brew Club?

    Simply access the Brew Club panel located at the lower-left of the page and click on 'Redeem' or 'Ways to redeem'.

  2. Do my points expire?

    No, as of September 1, 2022, points do not expire. Any points that expired since 2021 have been returned to members' accounts.

  3. How do I apply a discount coupon to my order?

    Access the Brew Club panel, click on 'Your rewards', then click on 'Apply code'. Alternatively, you can manually copy the coupon code and enter it at the checkout.

  4. Can I use my discount coupon on any product?

    Yes, discount coupons apply to your entire cart, excluding shipping costs.

  5. Can I combine multiple discount coupons on a single order?

    No, only one discount code can be used per order.

  6. How do I know how many points I have?

    Access the Brew Club panel and your current points balance is displayed at the top.

  7. What happens to my points if I return an item?

    Points earned for the purchase of a returned item will be deducted from your balance.

  8. Can I earn points on discounted items?

    Yes, points are earned on discounted items, but based on the discounted amount, not the original price.

  9. Why did I not get any points after entering my Birthday?

    Ensure you've entered your birthday in MM/DD format, not DD/MM. Also, if your birthday falls within the next 30 days from the date of entry, points will not be awarded this year, but will be given on your birthday the following year.

  10. Can I transfer my points to another account?

    Points can be transferred only when merging two of your own accounts into one. Points cannot be transferred from your account to another member's account. Please contact us for account merging requests.

  11. How can I check the status of my discount coupon?

    Access the Brew Club panel and click on 'Your rewards' to view unused coupons. For a comprehensive view of all Brew Club activities, click on 'Your activity' at the bottom of the panel.


We hope this guide provides a clear understanding of how to make the most of the Madura Brew Club. This program is designed to reward our loyal customers like you, with benefits and discounts for every purchase. It's a simple and automatic way to earn points that you can redeem for discount coupons, making your beloved Madura tea even more enjoyable. With the Brew Club, every cup of tea becomes a part of your journey towards more rewards and a healthier lifestyle. If you ever have questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We're here to help. Happy brewing!