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Steep into the heartwarming embrace of the holidays with 'festive-atea' by Madura. Crafted with love & nostalgia, this limited-edition, small batch boutique brew subtly intertwines & infuses the taste of yesteryears holidays with the magic of connection between family & friends.

Serve hot or chilled & enjoy with those closest to your heart. Let the festivities begin.
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In celebration of 45 remarkable years in the art of tea growing, crafting and blending, we're excited to introduce our latest creation, Festive~atea by Madura. 

Crafted exclusively for the holiday season, this limited-edition blend is a nod to our rich history and a flavorful gift designed to bring a touch of festive joy to your summer days.

Infused with the robust base of Black Tea, the subtle and comforting essence of cinnamon, the citrusy sweetness of orange, and the delicate hints of star anise, this blend promises a delicious flavour with a subtle but noticable flavour profile for you to share with your nearest and dearest.

It's a delightful combination that captures the essence of the holiday season, even amidst the summer sun and additionally deciduous brewed for the chill.

While not the traditional winter cup, every sip of this special brew carries the spirit of shared moments and togetherness. It's a flavorful journey that complements the laid-back Aussie summer vibes, perfect for enjoying with family and friends during your holiday gatherings.

GIFT: festive-atea BATCH 0450 Leaf Tea 150g - Madura Tea
GIFT: festive-atea BATCH 0450 Leaf Tea 150g - Madura Tea

GIFT: festive-atea BATCH 0450 Leaf Tea 150g


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