How Tea Can Help Through The Festive Season

Imbibe the Summertime Vibe!

Spring is nature’s motivator for cleansing the mind, body, and soul. It’s a time for rejuvenation and reenergising after the long winter months, with many choosing to give their body a detoxing ‘spring clean’. But as the season ticks over into summer, the sun-filled days and balmy nights also bring the festive season – an endless round of celebrations from work parties, to catching up with family and friends, Christmas Day feasts, New Year’s Eve bashes, and holiday festivities. But while the festive season is traditionally a time of decadence and over-indulgence, there’s something you can do every day to help restore balance to your seasonal splurge. While many people look to the New Year to work on resolutions that embrace health and wellness, when you imbibe the summertime vibe with Madura, your daily dose of vitality is as easy as putting on the kettle. With Madura a green brew and herbal teas in your summer survival kit, you’re well-equipped to handle the demands and temptations of Christmas. Here are our top tea tips to see you through the festive season and beyond:

Keep hydrated

Hot days and outdoor activity can lead to loss of fluids through sweat. Combined with the diuretic effect of alcohol and caffeine, summertime is notorious for dehydration – a dangerous condition that can leave you feeling weak, dizzy, and unwell. Next to water, tea is the hero of hydrators. In fact, a recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that looked at the health and hydration benefits of tea, suggests tea might be a better overall hydration option than water! While water is essentially replacing fluid. Tea replaces fluids and contains antioxidants, so it’s a double bonus. Madura’s herbal and green teas are perfect for summer, making the easy transition from hot to cold pleasing every palette and purpose. Top Tea Tips for Hydration:
  • Brew on the go - Fill your drink bottle with a refreshing chilled tea for a delish drink you can take to the beach, gym, barbecue, or office.
  • Jazz up your Christmas party or holiday function with an iced-tea punch or deliciously healthy tea-based mocktail…. or sneaky cocktail.
  • Kickstart your mornings and your digestive system with a fresh tea-infused juice. You’ll find a great recipe for our Green Tea and Beetroot juice here, along with recipes for iced tea, mocktails, and other summertime classics.

Keep it clean

It’s hard to avoid rich foods, high in sugar and saturated fat, during the festive season – temptation is everywhere! And while it’s perfectly okay to enjoy treats and sweets in moderation, too much excess can leave you feeling bloated, sluggish and - depending on your genetic makeup - can compromise your health and immune system. Drinking Madura Tea regularly can help flush out your system, eliminate toxins, boost your immune system, aid digestion, and boost your metabolism. Top Tea Tips for Cleansing and Detoxification:
  • Madura Green Tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants and a wide range of trace minerals and nutrients. Regular consumption can help aid digestion, increase fat burning and improve physical and mental performance. Green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages on the planet and as rich in flavour as it is in health benefits.
  • Feeling a bit run down? Give your immune system a natural boost of vitamin C by sipping Madura’s Green Tea and Papaya or Madura’s Australian Lemon Myrtle from our Herbal Infusions range. Lemon myrtle can also act as a natural virus fighter with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.
  • While all Madura Tea is handcrafted from the purest, cleanest leaves, our organic blends are bestsellers among those who take their cleansing and detoxing seriously. Our popular new Organic 20’s range infused with superfoods, such as turmeric and ginger, are proving to be the perfect supplements for long-term lifestyle favourites.

Keep calm

You’re all partied out, you’ve got an endless stream of visitors staying at your house, the kids are driving you crazy, you’ve braved the shopping centre for last minute Christmas shopping, you feel like you haven’t slept for a week, and the dog ran off when the new year’s fireworks went off…Madura to the rescue! We understand that sometimes you just need to carve out some time for yourself and recharge. So put the kettle on, put your feet up, and just breathe … Top Tea Tips for Keeping Calm:
  • Madura’s Camomile Herbal Infusion Tea can be your seasonal saviour when it comes to rest and recovery. Camomile helps regulate sleep, and acts as a natural sleep tonic for those hot summer nights when you’re tossing and turning.
  • Madura’s Peppermint Tea can help keep headaches at bay, as well as improving brain function by boosting mental alertness and memory. Peppermint tea is considered also great for alleviating motion sickness; perfect for reducing holiday travel-related stress.
  • Be kind to yourself. Take time out to really nurture and cherish your mind, body, and soul. The act of of drinking tea itself is soothing and relaxing. When the festive season gets too fast-paced, slow it down by brewing your favourite Madura blend. Allow time for it to steep, and allow yourself a break to savour the taste and tranquility. Pick up a good book and simply… allow yourself some ‘me time’.
If the festive season all gets a bit much, follow our top tea tips and imbibe the Summertime Vibe with Madura Tea.

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