Spring Clean Your Body With Tea

Time for a detox? Introducing the Madura Tea-Tox …

Spring is here! The season traditionally named to honour new buds ‘springing forth’ after lying dormant all winter inspires many people to kickstart their September with the same mindset of renewal and growth – a spring clean not just for your home … but for your mind, body and soul! Some folk follow various methods to detox their bodies of impurities as their preferred ‘spring clean’, such as clean eating, and juicing, as well as maintaining healthy portion sizes and upping their exercise. At Madura, we live by the philosophy of ‘healthy body – healthy mind’ and truly believe you are what you eat. However, we like to think of a detox, as a tea-tox!

Madura Organics – Detox with a Daily Tea-Tox

Tea has been used for centuries as a powerful tonic to nourish the body, fortify the immune system, aid detoxification, and boost general health, so it’s no surprise that in today’s fast-paced world, tea features as a key component in helping spring cleaning the body. Madura’s organic teas are handcrafted using the finest quality, purest leaves on the market, packed with antioxidants, and trace minerals. Our Organic 20’s Range takes wellness to another level with the addition of nature’s super boosters, including ginger, turmeric, lemon and lime. If you follow any wellness expert or health guru on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed one thing in common: they understand and promote the health benefits a delicious cup of organic tea promises. So why all the buzz about tea? Here’s just a few of the many benefits you can expect from a daily cup of Madura Organic Tea:
  • Drinking tea is a great way to cleanse, hydrate, and flush out your system.
  • Different teas have different cleansing properties:
    • Ginger is your BFF when it comes to physical and mental wellbeing.
    • Turmeric is the hero when it comes to anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Lemon and lime pack a citrus punch that stimulates the liver and aids in detoxification.
    • Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar levels, and is great natural supplement to help fight anxiety and depression.
  • Green tea’s star power is unsurpassed when it comes to spring cleaning your body. Don’t be fooled by its sweetly delicate flavour, this top performer helps aid digestion, increase fat burning and improve physical performance.
  • Black tea is your perfect Tea-Tox all-rounder. It’s such a universally versatile tea, you’ll find it stocked everywhere from the office to the gym, making sticking to your healthy routine as easy as putting on the kettle.

Spring Cleaning your body with tea is as easy as …1, 2, 3!

Nourishing your body has never been easier. A Tea-Tox is a convenient and economical addition to any healthy lifestyle. With the portable convenience of tea bags and packaged leaves, all you need to do is grab your favourite keep cup for a brew on the go. If you’re at home, put your feet up, savour the peaceful time out and enjoy the moment. Whichever way you take your tea, our simple steps for the perfect brew are the same:
  1. Take your favourite Madura blend, and add a tea bag to your favourite cup.
  2. Boil the kettle until the water is close to boiling, and add to the cup.
  3. Steep according to the packet instructions. Different infusions have different strengths of flavour, so use the recommendations as a guide to your ideal flavour.
Madura’s Organic 20’s Range are perfect for converting to delicious iced tea for a refreshing burst of wellness and flavour. Keep a jug in the fridge, or fill up your drink bottle for a healthy thirst-quencher anywhere, any time.

Spring is in the air, so what are you waiting for? For a simple, effective way to hit the restart button on your health, try a Tea-Tox Detox for your mind body and soul. Madura’s Organic 20’s Range delivers the pure health benefits of nature’s gifts in every deliciously fragrant cup.

Madura Tea – extraordinary tea, for extraordinary people. If you would like to know more about Madura's organic range call (02) 6670 6000 or contact us.
Spring Clean Your Body With Tea - Madura Tea
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