Organic Tea Gets Consumers’ Tick for Health, Environment and Sustainability

The demand for organic products has increased dramatically according to a biennial report from organic certifying group Australian Organic, with the organic industry now valued at $1.72 billion, and growing at over 15% per year. As such, Australia's thirst for organic tea is being quenched by a number of tea packers and producers, with multi award-winning Madura Tea a forerunning favourite. Pioneers of one the earliest sustainable tea plantations in Australia, Madura Tea has always been driven by a vision to deliver quality blends with the purest taste, while nurturing the ecosystem that sustains them. Combining the shifting and evolving trends within the tea industry with consumer enthusiasm for organically-produced products, Madura Tea has sourced and added organic black tea, organic green tea, and organic English Breakfast tea to their repertoire of twenty quality blends at the start of 2015.

Why drink Organic Tea?

While all of Madura's tea is pure, free of contaminants and sustainably grown, or sourced from likeminded estates, research indicates that consumers opt to consume organic tea based on a number of personal or lifestyle factors. While many organic shoppers cite consuming products that are farmed and produced chemical, pesticide, and additive-free, as a natural choice, interestingly the majority list their motivation as aligning more with their personal and ethical values, and an increased awareness of health, community and planetary wellbeing. So is organic tea really better for you, and should you choose organic over non organic tea? With both delivering the same number of health benefits - including antioxidants and properties to aid fat burning, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of stroke, and enhance the immune system – putting it simply, tea, in all its forms, equals wellbeing. Madura Tea understands the choice to drink organic tea is highly individual, and offer the following advice to all tea lovers: know your farmer. Is the plantation your tea is sourced from sustainable, and are the estates accredited, both organically and non-organically?

Madura for quality, taste and sustainability

In a world dominated by large-scale farming that produces food cheaply and quickly, with little concern for quality, Madura Tea is flying in the face of convention with their commitment to producing the purest, freshest, highest quality tea, organic and otherwise. Determined their customers will never lose connection with their food sources, their Australian Certified Organic manufacturing accreditation bolsters their vision, with their 2016 independent audit recently completed. Proud of their status as ACO certified packers, Madura Tea's organic blends are sourced from plantations that have been handpicked not only for their organic farming practices, but for their commitment to environmental and ethical sustainability through partnership with Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance, CO2 Neutral Certification, and carbon credit trading schemes. The farms Madura align with uphold their company philosophy to create the purest tea blends underpinned by a respect for environment and community. You'll find health benefits and wellbeing in every full-flavoured cup. Whether your preference runs to organic or non organic tea, Madura's blends continually deliver their trademark quality and taste from plantation to pour. If you would like to know more about Madura's ACO Certified Organic teas phone (02) 6670 6000 or visit our online Organic Tea range.
Organic Tea Gets Consumers’ Tick for Health, Environment and Sustainability - Madura Tea
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