Madura Tea Launches Expanded Organic Tea Range

Madura Tea is thrilled to announce the launch of their new expanded organic tea range. Our introduction of five unique handcrafted blends is sure to be enthusiastically received by tea lovers around the world. Particularly those who are already devotees of Madura’s flagship organic blends – Black, Green, and English Breakfast Tea – renowned for their full-flavoured purity.

Delicious organic tea for health and vitality

With a reputation for quality and excellence, our new line of organics adds a burst of indulgent flavour to every cup, drawing on some of nature’s most inspired combinations:

Organic Green Tea with Apple

The health benefits of green tea has been celebrated for years. A metabolic blaster packed with antioxidants, warding off day to day toxins. Incorporating one of nature’s superfoods, complimented with apple – it’s the perfect partnership for health and longevity.

Organic Black Tea with Cinnamon

The evocative smell, colour, and flavour of cinnamon make it one of the most popular spices in the world, not only for its health-promoting properties but for its rich and distinctive taste. Cinnamon combines its antioxidant abilities with those of Madura’s pure black organic tea to make a fantastic tasting brew that’s good for you inside and out.

Organic Black Tea with Lemon and Lime

The zesty tang of citrus beautifully complements the smoothness of black tea to deliver a refreshing twist of flavour in every cup. This popular blend provides the perfect cleansing drink to start your morning or end your day.

The Organic Strong Brew

A proud brew for lovers of bold flavour. The Organic Strong Brew is set to be an iconic blend, appealing to tea connoisseurs who take the quality of their leaves as seriously as their taste.

Organic Green Tea with Ginger and Turmeric

The coupling of ginger and turmeric is renowned for both its culinary and medical strength. With the dynamic combination used prolifically to enhance the flavour and health benefits of everything from curries and lattes to chocolate, it made sense to partner it with green tea, one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. The result: a flavourful cup of tea that delivers health and wellbeing with every sip. Madura’s new organic tea range is as versatile as it is flavoursome. The ideal drink for every occasion and season, it can transform from the perfect winter warmer to a refreshing iced tea for a fresh and revitalising drink for summer.

Madura Organic Tea – Where Purity Meets Sustainability

We have been producing organic tea since 2015 to supplement our line of twenty traditional quality blends. The launch of our new organic blends reflects our commitment to the shifting and evolving trends within the tea industry. Playing an iconic role in Australia’s tea-producing history, Madura Tea pioneered one the nation’s earliest sustainable tea plantations. Since then, they have strived to deliver quality blends of the purest taste, while nurturing the ecosystem that sustains them. From the dams that provide water to our plantation, to the solar power grid that sustains our operation; our ecological footprint is indicative of the value we place on both our tea and environment. Madura teas are both pure and tested for contaminants. Whether your personal preference runs to an organic or non-organic brew, you can be sure your cup of Madura tea is sourced from like-minded sustainable accredited plantations. Madura Tea’s new organic tea range will be available to buy instore or online in leaf or bagged variety. With five additional delicious blends to choose from, the hardest decision will be which flavour you’ll want to deliver your daily boost of health and vitality. The Madura Organic range is now available in a variety of pack sizes for your convenience – the choice is yours. Madura Tea - pure as nature intended. If you would like to know more about Madura's new organic range, contact us or call (02) 6670 2000.
Madura Tea Launches Expanded Organic Tea Range - Madura Tea
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