A Cuppa Can Make You Feel Better

Try A Winter Soothing Brew

During winter we sometimes need a little extra support for overall wellness. Our Organic Green Tea with Ginger & Turmeric could be the extra support that you need. Gut health herbs such as turmeric and ginger encourage optimal digestion and can provide the added boost required for good health. This spicy blend of organics reinforces our commitment to good health. Our Organic Green Tea with Ginger & Turmeric is a light, pure brew, with a familiar ginger bite. A surprisingly delicious brew that can be enjoyed throughout the day and is available in a variety of pack sizes for your convenience. The coupling of ginger and turmeric is renowned for both its culinary and medical strength, so it made sense to partner it with green tea; one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. The result: a flavourful cup of tea that delivers health and well-being with every sip. While there is still no cure for coughs, sniffles, sore throats, or aches and pains resulting from a cold or flu, tea can help ease the symptoms in a gentle, pleasing and natural way. We take great pride in our pure brews – tea is truly our passion. You can be confident that you’re caring for yourself and your loved ones the natural way when you choose a Madura brew. ⁠ Other winter soothing brews in our organic range include:

Organic Green Tea with Apple

The health benefits of green tea have been celebrated for years. A metabolic blaster packed with antioxidants, warding off day to day toxins. Incorporating one of nature’s superfoods, complimented with apple – it’s the perfect partnership for health and longevity.

Organic Black Tea with Cinnamon

The evocative smell, colour, and flavour of cinnamon make it one of the most popular spices in the world, not only for its health-promoting properties, but for its rich and distinctive taste. Cinnamon combines its antioxidant abilities with those of Madura’s pure black organic tea to make an amazing tasting brew that’s good for you inside and out.

Organic Black Tea with Lemon and Lime

The zesty tang of citrus beautifully complements the smoothness of black tea to deliver a refreshing twist of flavour in every cup. This popular blend delivers the perfect cleansing drink to start your morning, or end your day. Reboot. Renew. Rejuvenate - with Madura.    
A Cuppa Can Make You Feel Better - Madura Tea
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