Tea Tag Replacement

Steep, Sip And Enjoy

With the current global upheaval, we are experiencing a short supply of tea tags – sadly a matter outside of our control. As a short term measure, please be aware that we have supplied a temporary solution, located in the teabag tray, which will enable you to brew and remove the teabag with ease should you choose to use it. Inside each tray pack, you will find a small rectangle piece of cardboard that acts as a suspension bridge when folded. When the card is placed through the looped string, the card will sit across the top of your cup holding the tea bag up while it brews - a teaspoon will equally suffice. We stress that this a short-term measure and trust you will understand. From all of us at Madura, we thank you for your support and patience during this difficult time.


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    Tea Tag Replacement - Madura Tea
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