Madura Tea – The One Stop Shop for Quality Online Tea

When Madura Tea launched our online ordering facility four years ago, tea connoisseurs around the world were quick to take advantage of the convenient service. Madura's loyal client base rapidly expanded to new demographics and today orders for our quality Australian online tea continue to be an ever-expanding chapter in the Madura success story. With our finger continually on the pulse of consumer tastes and trends, Madura identified a need for an online tea store that catered to lovers of premium tea who preferred the flexibility of ordering from a virtual store, but were finding it challenging to source and purchase a variety of their favourite tea blends under one roof. As a multi award-winning producer of over twenty blends we offer a one stop shop where customers can order not only loose leaf and bagged tea in black, green, white, organic, herbal infusion and chai blends; but also a range of additional products including sweet treats; gift lines; teaware and accessories; and Madura's popular personalised tea caddies that can be individualised with a label of your own creation. Madura's online tea store has also proven to be a popular outlet for those seeking the ideal gift. Our personalised caddies are best selling items, acting as a fun and heartfelt keepsake to store Madura's teabags, leaves or pouches. Director, Stephen Bright states "When you give the gift of tea, you are giving a gift of relaxation and tradition. Quality teas create a distinctive taste difference when consumed. That’s what Madura is all about - and that’s what makes Madura the ideal gift." With the ability to purchase 'all things tea' online - from hampers offering a selection of premium teas and edible goodies handmade from quality local ingredients, to wooden tea boxes holding an assortment of 72 tea bags - customer approval for Madura's online ordering facility extends not only to the range, but the full customer experience. Bright further adds, "By ordering through our website, customers get to experience Madura’s full product range. Online is very personal way of engaging with Madura, not only to get answers to any questions they may have in regards to tea generally, but also in specific regard to any of our products." Madura Tea is committed to producing the purest, freshest, highest quality tea, to be enjoyed by lovers of tea across the globe, and our online store is another step towards this goal. Consumers are able to browse and place their order from the comfort of their home or office, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Orders are dispatched directly from Madura's state-of-the art tea plantation and packing facility based in the lush Hinterland of Northern New South Wales. Madura are proud of our personalised approach to our clients, and Bright believes their online tea store enhances the ability to meet client's needs, "Ordering online not only gives Madura the opportunity to know who our customers are, but to reward them for their support through our loyalty program, The Brew Club, which offers members a variety of benefits and discounts." To see why Madura is the one stop shop for quality Australian tea, or to order our blends, hampers, giftware, or personalised caddies, visit our online tea store or contact us on (02) 6670 6000
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