Madura’s Loose Leaf Green Tea

Nature's Superfood!

  You just can’t keep a good tea down! We’re very excited to announce that our Madura Green Leaf tea has burst out of retirement, making its way back to your tea shelf! The art and beauty of loose leaf tea While tea bags are undoubtedly a convenient and portable way to enjoy a cuppa at home or on the run, if you’ve never made a brew using loose leaf tea, you’re in for a sensory extravagance. There’s something intrinsically zen about the ritual of brewing green tea in a teapot or diffuser that delivers as much personal satisfaction as it does health benefits. Perhaps it harks back to green tea’s ancient foundations which are rooted in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines; or perhaps it has something to do with the slowing down of the tea-making process, allowing you to be present in the moment, and awakening your senses. Taking time out for yourself is never an indulgence – it truly is an important part of self-care. When you brew your green tea with loose leaves, it forces you to slow down your pace and adds to the feeling of escape and relaxation. Brewing your tea in a teapot allows the leaves more room to unfurl and expand, releasing their fullest flavour. The aroma of Madura’s Green Tea is light and refreshing, and, when poured, its colour reflects the green-yellow hues of nature. Our Green Leaf Tea truly is as pure as nature intended! Add to that the relaxing sound of pouring water, the warming sensation as you cradle the cup in your hands, and the delicate smooth taste, and your green tea delivers the full sensory experience. Want to know the secret to brewing the perfect green tea first time, every time? Check out our guide to successful steeping, and your green tea will never taste bitter again (Hint: if it does, you’re doing it wrong)! Green Tea – Nature’s Ultimate Superfood Green tea is naturally brimming with antioxidants, trace minerals, and nutrients, making it one of nature’s ultimate superfoods. The heavyweight champion of healthy beverages has cemented its place as the top-ranking drink in the world for overall wellbeing. With unsurpassed health benefits, green tea has been enjoyed for centuries not only as a refreshing drink, but also as an affordable health-giving tonic, a natural cleanser, detoxer, immune booster, and metabolism stabiliser. When we pioneered Australia’s first green tea plantation back in the late seventies, we wanted to introduce green tea’s amazing taste and health benefits to everyday Australians. Fast forward to today and we’ve built a loyal following for our tea bags, leaf infusers and leaf tea, with customers worldwide steeping and sipping the purity and quality of our blends as part of their daily wellness routine. With Madura’s Loose Leaf Green Tea back, you can have the best of both worlds: the convenience of bagged tea for a rapid, revitalising brew at home or the office, or the luxury of leaf tea for those times when you want to stop the clock and make me-time a priority. That’s the versatility of Madura’s award-winning tea! To celebrate the return of Madura’s 175g Loose Leaf Green Tea why not treat your tastebuds to a Green Tea Mojito?! Click here to discover this exquisitely refreshing recipe, using one of the winning green tea flavour infusions in Madura’s ever-expanding green tea range.

For a simple, effective way to hit the restart button on your health, try our Green Leaf Tea today!

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Madura’s Loose Leaf Green Tea - Madura Tea
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