Brewing Australia's Favourite Tea Since 1978

The Aussie pioneers making extraordinary tea for everyday people

When you’ve been part of Australia’s tea history for over forty years, you’ve had a lot of time to perfect your craftsmanship, your business principles, and the way you conduct operations and resources to ensure you’re continually meeting your commitments to environment and sustainability … all while producing Australia’s favourite tea. At Madura, we’re big fans of keeping it simple – an ideal embedded from our pioneering days. In a nutshell, we walk the talk by backing up what we say with action. Our accountability embodies the Australian way … it’s also how we evolved from one visionary couple’s dream as they surveyed their parcel of sub-tropical land, into a multi-award-winning producer of over twenty blends, with a loyal international client base.

Madura Tea: Crafted with passion by Australians for Australia

We believe Australia truly is the ‘lucky country’, but it takes more than luck to succeed in a competitive market while adhering to your principles. It takes commitment. Fortunately, we’ve got that in spades. Our commitment stems from our responsibility to uphold the legacy left by Michael and Norma Grant-Cook, the trailblazing team who laid Madura Tea's foundation back in 1978 in the fertile farmlands of Northern New South Wales. The Grant-Cook’s aspired to create the purest tea blends while nurturing the ecosystem that supports them. Their pioneering spirit saw Madura Estate become one of Australia’s first sustainable tea plantations, underpinned by a respect for environment and community.

Mateship – helping out your fellow Australians

Today Madura remains 100% Australian owned-and-operated. We’re family-run, with family values that translate to a big-picture view of what it means to support your mates. The concept of mateship is quintessentially Australian, a virtue that can be traced back to early colonial times when helping each other out went beyond friendship. It meant unconditional loyalty, shared experiences, and mutual support and respect. Seeing each other through the good times and the bad in harsh environments. We strive to uphold these value today by employing from our community, helping to support the local economy while providing income, stability, education and training to our workforce and community. On a national scale, we help keep profits in Australia by actively seeking out and partnering with other Australian owned and operated companies and suppliers that share our values and standards. We also nurture and respect our nation’s most valuable asset – our environment – through sustainable practices such as solar technology and recyclability targets to reduce our environmental footprint.

Inspire. Change. Create.

These three words underpin every aspect of our business, from the way we develop our brand, to the way we operate our plantation, to the drive to continually refine our blends and respond and adapt to the ever-changing tastes of our customers. While we keep a keen eye on trends in the tea world, we also love to put our spin on them, incorporating exciting new flavours and infusions to sit alongside the enduring taste of the black and green teas we’ve built our reputation on. Australia has always been at the forefront of growth and innovation, and when it comes to the business of tea, we take it very seriously! Our brews truly are a combination of passion, pioneering, personality, and place - refined by hand for over forty years.

Madura Tea – Proudly brewing since 1978

Brewing Australia's Favourite Tea Since 1978 - Madura Tea
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