Madura Dragon Pearls: A Tea to Invoke the Senses

If you love green tea, you’ll be absolutely enchanted by Madura Dragon Pearls. The pinnacle of our green tea range, Dragon Pearls is a unique sensory experience unrivalled by any other brew, with a backstory as exotic as its name.

Dragon Pearls – What is it?

Originating from Fujian, China, Dragon Pearls is a fragrant green tea crafted from the soft, downy buds that are picked in early spring. The buds are infused with jasmine blossoms, then hand-rolled into “pearls; little balls of tea, that magically unfurl whilst brewing – it really is theatre for the eyes! The result is a deliciously pure, distinct and smooth brew balanced by the base notes of green tea. Dragon Pearls has an intoxicating aroma, and contains all the hallmarks of wellbeing, vitality and purity you’ve come to love and expect from Madura - antioxidants, trace minerals and nutrients, all delivering a myriad of health benefits to your mind, body and soul.

The Legend of Dragon Pearls

Dragon Pearls began as a Chinese token of love over 1300 years ago when a lovestruck emperor was searching for a superior tea to gift to his beloved. Each individual pearl was hand-rolled for perfection and quality, befitting of royalty. But, as Chinese legend goes, a real dragon is behind this mystical, magical tea … Once, in a village near Fujian, a little boy became gravely ill. No treatment or medicine could restore him to health, and his family grew desperate as he became weaker and weaker. The boy’s sister had heard tell of a dragon that helped people in need, and she set out to find it and seek its help. The girl trekked across the mountains until she reached a cave surrounded by fragrant jasmine bushes. Inside she found the dragon and begged it for help. The dragon soared skyward until a beautiful pearl formed around its neck. A drop of water fell from the pearl to the ground, and a tea bush grew from where it landed. The dragon instructed the girl to care for the tea bush and never leave its side. The girl obeyed. She looked after the tea bush, protecting it from the elements, day after day. When leaves began to sprout, the girl picked them and dried them next to the jasmine flowers that grew at the mouth of the cave. She hand-rolled them until they resembled pearls, like that of the dragon. When she had enough to make tea, she returned home and gave the healing brew to her brother, who quickly recovered from his illness and Dragon Pearls have been made ever since.

Dragon Pearls – tips for your best brew

Whether you believe in mythology or not, there’s no denying Dragon Pearls tea is a wonderfully restorative tea. But the magic of Dragon Pearls is not just contained in its health giving properties, delightful floral aroma, or delicious taste; the very act of brewing Dragon Pearls is pure artistry and a pleasure in itself.
  • Boil your kettle
  • Add a Madura Dragon Pearls silk Leaf Infuser to a glass cup or mug. You can of course use any cup, but you’ll miss all the theatre if it’s not transparent! Add 220ml of water at a temperature of 85°C
  • Steep for 4 – 5 minutes and keep your eye on the Dragon Pearls, as this is where the magic happens. Watch closely as each green tea ‘pearl’ gradually unfurls and expands, scenting the air with a delightful jasmine blossom fragrance.
  • Inhale deeply, savour slowly, and let the delicate scent, and delicious flavour transport you to the Far East.
Madura Dragon Pearls is a convenient, healthy and affordable escape from the every day. Add it to your tea collection and unleash your dragon! Available in loose leaf or beautiful tea caddies of 40 leaf infusers - to order online click here
Madura Dragon Pearls: A Tea to Invoke the Senses - Madura Tea
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