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Organic English Breakfast Tea

Madura’s Organic English Breakfast Tea has become a pantry staple in thousands of households Australia-wide, with many waking up to the vibrant taste and aroma of this pure, clean black tea blend. But while Madura’s English Breakfast Tea might be an everyday part of your lifestyle and wellness routine, did you know it has a history as colourful and robust as its full-bodied flavour? Read on for a renewed appreciation of your daily morning cuppa! English Breakfast Tea: Today’s tea steeped in the beauty of tradition While the centuries-old British tradition of tea to start the day may seem obvious when tracing the history of English Breakfast Tea, the origins of this much-loved brew actually date back a lot further than British culture and custom. When Portugal’s Catherina of Braganza married King Charles II in 1662, she introduced tea drinking to the English Court. At that time the Portuguese had control of the best trade routes to the East, and had been trading tea with China as far back as the 1500’s. Catherina’s love of a good brew inspired and influenced the British, and tea became the afternoon drink of choice for the next several hundred years. So how did English Breakfast Tea make it to the breakfast table? Well, there’s a couple of trailblazers we can thank for that… English Breakfast Tea – Starting your day right In 1892, Scottish tea master, Robert Drysdale was credited with creating the breakfast tea blend we enjoy today – a strong black tea blend usually sourced from Sri Lanka, India, China or Kenya, resulting in a full-bodied brew that went perfectly with the western style protein-packed breakfasts of the era. Prior to that on the other side of the Atlantic, British immigrant Richard Davies was already busy marketing a black tea blend in New York. The name he sold it under: English Breakfast Tea. It flew off the shelf, and today nearly every tea brand in the world carries an English Breakfast Tea in their range. Including Madura… Madura Organic English Breakfast Tea: The perfect way to start or end your day. Like Drysdale and Davies before us, we like to think we’re innovators of the tea world too. That’s why we introduced a certified organic range of blends to sit alongside our award-winning tea; and that’s why we give our customers a choice when it comes to our English Breakfast Tea range. Our Organic English Breakfast Tea combines pure Sri Lankan and Indian leaves sourced from carefully-selected partner plantations that share our philosophy, values, and commitment to quality. These organically-accredited leaves are then blended and packed at our Northern New South Wales Estate to create the rich taste sensation of nature’s finest tonic–the perfect antioxidant-rich pick-me-up for any time of the day or night. Madura’s Organic English Breakfast tea is a versatile brew. As its name would suggest, it’s the perfect way to start your day off on the right foot. It’s the ideal beverage to share tray space when you’re treating yourself – or a loved one - to a little morning indulgence. Breakfast in bed, anyone? But don’t let the time of day restrict you when you want to get your brew on! English Breakfast Tea’s versatility also makes it the ideal way to wind down after a long day. Put the kettle on, put your feet up, and take time out to enjoy the rich, aromatic flavour of pure sustainably-grown tea. Whether you prefer your English Breakfast Tea strong and black, or enjoy the popular additions of milk and sugar, one thing’s for certain … the beauty of being steeped in tradition is English Breakfast Tea’s enduring legacy. At Madura, we see our blends as much more than a bunch of leaves sitting in hot water … and we know you do too. That’s why you entrust us to deliver the perfect cuppa pour after pour. Psst! Looking for the perfect breakfast treat to go with your morning brew? Check out our recipe for Organic English Breakfast Tea Pancakes. Top them with blueberries for a double burst of anti-oxidants and the ultimate superfood combo!

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