5 Ways To Show You Care ... That Won't Cost You The World

It’s said the best things in life are free. This is especially true when it comes to romantic gestures that show someone how much you care. Actions speak louder than words when you’re speaking the language of love, so there’s no need to blow the budget to make your sweetheart feel special this Valentine’s Day. At Madura, we’re suckers for a bit of old fashioned romance, but we’re also advocates for appreciating the simple pleasures in life (like the perfect cup of tea). Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is sharing special moments and creating memories, so here are five thoughtful ideas to show someone how much they mean to you. They’ll only cost a little effort, but they’ll be priceless to your loved one:

1 - Breakfast in Bed

The ultimate start to Valentine’s Day, or any day come to that. Food is the way to many a heart, and you don’t have to be a whiz in the kitchen to create something heartfelt. Simply serve up your loved one’s favourite breakfast on a nice tray and add flowers or greenery picked from the garden. This simple gesture is sure to win hearts, but don’t forget the most important addition…tea. Madura English Breakfast Tea will win anyone over with its vibrant colour and robust flavour. This vitality-packed brew is a great way to start, or end your day.

2 - A Twilight Picnic

Take advantage of the most romantic time of the day by getting outdoors and enjoying the last of summer. A blanket, a picnic basket, and a flask is all you need to make hearts flutter—nature does the rest of the work for you! Wherever you decide to spread your blanket – a coastal view, a bush setting, the local park, or even your back yard — the magic of sunset will have you captivated by its beauty, and with each other. Balmy nights go best with clean, refreshing tastes. Fill your flask with this simple yet delicious iced tea made from Madura Premium Blend Black Tea.

3 - Stargazing

A timeless romantic date idea that’s heaven sent. Cuddling up with your loved one on a blanket with your eyes on the skies is a simple way to make a big impression. For the most memorable experience, head for more rural or remote areas to escape the artificial light and pollution of larger towns and cities. The sky will be clearer, offering greater visibility for stargazing. Check out this handy guide to the best places to see the night sky across Australia. To add to the ambience of a cozy night under a starlit sky, toast each other with a mug of Madura Te Chai for a galaxy of aromatic flavour.

4 - Recreate Holiday Memories

Everyone agrees one of the most memorable things about any holiday is the food! You’ve explored exotic new dishes together in exciting destinations, shared the thrill of discovering a new spice or ingredient, and delighted in new cuisines and cultures. Head into to the kitchen and get ready to fall in love all over again by recreating one of your favourite holiday dishes. Set the scene with a candlelit dinner, followed by a nostalgic look over your favourite holiday snaps. Tea is the perfect end to every meal, and Madura Herbal Infusions have a range of flavours to compliment any dish, and contain some wonderful properties to aid digestion.

5 - Movie Night at Home

Some of the best date nights are the ones you spend at home. Bring the cinema to you by holding a film night. The combination of popcorn, ice-cream, a fluffy blanket, and the remote control are all you need to bring a little movie magic to your evening. If the weather is warm, you could recreate the experience outside with pillows, blankets, or bean bags. Whether it’s a new blockbuster, a favourite, a ‘golden oldie’, or a movie marathon, you’re going to want a hit of pure, natural energy to make sure you don’t miss a scene. Try Madura Organic Green Tea for a burst antioxidant-rich flavour. If you’re single, most of these fun and free activities could be just as easily shared with a good friend, or enjoyed by yourself. Remember, you don’t always need a significant other in your life, and certainly not to validate your self-worth. It’s perfectly okay to simply celebrate yourself! Madura Tea wishes you all – loved up, single, or planning your first date – a very Happy Valentine’s Day … whatever it means to you.

Do you have a favourite romantic gesture that doesn’t cost the earth? Tell us about it, and let’s all share the love this Valentine’s Day.

5 Ways To Show You Care ... That Won't Cost You The World - Madura Tea
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