Steep, ice and sip...

English Breakfast Iced T Infused with Blood Orange

Hello warmer weather – you are finally here! Warm days mean more iced tea, which ultimately means more creativity inspired by no other than you. With summer upon us, we can see gardens blooming, bees humming and an array of birds nesting. Throw in the delicious scent of freshly cut grass followed by a late afternoon storm and before we know it is officially Christmas! This time of the year brings out some our favourite fruits and citrus to inspire iced tea creativity – natural iced tea that is! Simply muddle your fruit, steep your tea, add a touch of sweetness and ice - in no time you will be sipping a delicious iced brew – more importantly home-made, pure and low in sugar.


2 cups of water steeped with 4 Madura English Breakfast Tea bags – follow packet instructions 1 cup of blood orange juice 1 blood orange sliced 2 tsp raw sugar add more if you prefer a sweeter iced tea 2 strawberries sliced + extra for garnish Fresh basil leaves - torn (for the creative one wanting a little difference!) 1 cup of ice 1 cup of iced water - adjust accordingly


Muddle strawberries, raw sugar and basil, and then steep with 2 cups of Madura English Breakfast tea bags for 5 minutes – once brewed, strain and set aside. In a pitcher combine, iced water, blood orange juice, and allow to brew for a further 2 hrs. Upon serving fill pitcher with ice, garnish with strawberry and blood orange slices. Enjoy! Buy English Breakfast
Steep, ice and sip... - Madura Tea
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