Green Tea And Jasmine Iced Tea

Madura Green Tea & Jasmine iced tea with a splash of G&T - As simple as 1,2 and 3 and if you are a tad partial to gin then this is a must! Ingredients 250 ml of your fav Gin 3 x Green Tea and Jasmine leaf infusers Icy cold tonic and or soda water Elderflower cordial Ice SHOP NOW   Steep the infusers in your chosen gin allowing to steep for approx 3 hours at room temperature.⁠ Strain and pour 50ml of the infused gin over ice and add a dash or two of elderflower cordial Top with tonic and or soda water.


Madura Tea Estates; a 100% Australian company with an everyday attitude!

Madura is committed to producing pure, healthy tea that is bursting with flavour. To read more about Madura Tea Estate or discover all of our quality blends, organic and herbal teas, we welcome you to visit our online store.

Green Tea And Jasmine Iced Tea - Madura Tea
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