Our Vision

Our adventure started BACK IN 1978 in the lush green hills of Clothiers Creek, North of Byron Bay. As an award-winning family-owned farm, we are committed to remaining 100% Australian owned and operated – after all, our community and employees are the backbones of our business.

With 20 blends to choose from, our goal remains simple – create pure and the best-tasting brews!

Our Vision - Keep it simple.

Our vision is inspired by vibrancy with a casual yet edgy spirit. Simplicity keeps us fresh, stylish and inviting.

Our Mission - Create. Inspire. Change.

CREATE award-winning pure brews ensuring no unnecessary harm to our environment. We want to INSPIRE our community to choose healthy choices for mind, body, soul. We are steeped in history but equally embrace CHANGE, always ensuring authenticity.

Keeping It Real

We are so much more than tea.

We are the warmth that soothes one's soul.
We are the home away from home.
We are made from nature.
We are here to nurture.

The name of our tea estate means 'paradise'– the overall vibe of our estate enchants wellbeing, community and a laidback Australian lifestyle.

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Steep. Sip. Enjoy.

Every good story begins with a great cup of tea – we welcome you to put the kettle on and join us on our journey…

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Our Vision - Madura Tea
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